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AUDITEC assumes as a mission to serve the public, including businesses and other private sector organisations, non for profit organizations and state sector of the economy, offering audit, review, other assurance and related services, as well as advisory and management consulting services, delivered by competent and dedicated professionals, which help to certify and/or to evaluate the financial position and the financial performance, improve operations and achieve the targets of the entity and thus add value.


AUDITEC carries out its activities taking into account the ethical and deontological principles proper to the accounting profession, such as integrity, objectivity, professional competence and due care, confidentiality and professional behavior.

Working methodology

After being contacted by the Customer, AUDITEC analyzes previously Customer’s needs and/or expresses its understanding about the scope and objectives of the proposed mission and presents an approach to the mission, aiming to reach the results sought by the Customer. After having signed a term of agreement, the mission's object is deeply analyzed, as well as the level of risk involved. The next step is the planning and scheduling of the mission, followed by the field work and subsequently by the synthesis and elaboration of a preliminary report, which is submitted to the Customer for comments. After considering the Customer’s comments to the preliminary report is issued the final report of the mission.

Quality Control

AUDITEC adopts the following procedure: the execution of the field work by an assistant auditor or consultant is always reviewed by a senior auditor or consultant and all the phases of a mission since its acceptance until the signing of final report is reviewed by the partner responsible for same mission. Occasionally, if this is the first audit, review, other assurance engagement or related services on an entity, and in particular when findings require a deeper analysis for the report, AUDITEC usually requests a second check or opinion of a colleague of the profession, who does not belong to the firm. AUDITEC and his partners, who are Certified Auditors, being members of Cape Verdean Professional Institute of Certified Accountants and Auditors, are subject to, and they accept at all the time, be submitted to the quality control implemented by the Institute.