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In carrying out its professional activities AUDITEC closely follows the following standards:

On a national level, the accounting and auditing standards and procedures established or endorsed by CNNC-National Accounting Standards Board, OPACC-Professional Institute of Certified Auditors and Accountants and other legally competent organisations, such us BCV-Cape Verde Central Bank, as supervisor of the banking and insurance sectors, AGMVM-Oversight Board of the Securities Exchange Market and TC-Cape Verde Court of Accounts;

On an international level, the accounting and auditing standards and procedures established by IASB-International Accounting Standards Board and other professional associations of recognized competence, such as IFAC-International Federation of Accountants.

Additionally, concerning the auditing of development projects backed by international donors of funds, AUDITEC takes into consideration all the rules accorded with such donors of funds, in particular those concerned with: opening and functioning of special accounts in foreign currencies; technical and financial reports to be elaborated; mechanisms of funds’ disbursements. In the other side, AUDITEC follows the standards and general procedures issued by the same donors of funds, mainly those referring to: contracting the services of consultants; provisioning of goods and services; accounting and auditing of the projects; and all other standards, procedures, regulations and specific conditions applied to each donor of fund and/or project.