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Financial auditing and related services

  • Audit of financial statements
  • Review of financial statements
  • Assurance engagements
  • Agreed procedures engagements and other related services
  • Audit of development projects backed by international donors of funds

Management and operational auditing

  • Audit of functions, activities and processes of companies and other organizations
  • Audit of forecast processes
  • Management audit
  • Tax audit
  • Specific audits of the procurement process and the performance of development projects, etc.

Supervision of corporations and other entities

  • Member-auditor of the audit committee
  • Single auditor-supervisor

Business Valuation

  • Evaluation of companies or shares
  • Economic and financial evaluation of specific assets

Activities under the Code of Commercial Companies

  • Report on realization of corporate capital through contribution in kind at the creation of companies
  • Report on increasing corporate capital through contributions in kind or by incorporation of reserves
  • Report on changing the legal status of companies
  • Opinion on the draft terms of merger or demerger of companies
  • Other tasks of the certified auditor, single auditor-supervisor or a member-auditor of the audit committee of corporations and other entities

Other services

  • Due diligence
  • Implementation of internal control systems
  • Expert witness services to the courts and criminal investigation services
  • Training in accounting, internal control, auditing and related areas
  • Economic and financial feasibility studies of investment projects
  • Recruitment and selection of personnel for the accounting and financial area, etc.